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dude you missed the beaver

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October 2nd, 2003

06:36 pm
i hate you
Current Mood: depresseddepressed

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September 29th, 2003

09:58 pm - jesssssssssssus
Name: jennifer kirchen
Nickname: jenni jen beave shaybie
Birthdate: 6.8.88
Zodiac sign: gemini
Siblings: jessica/peter
Pets: baxter/abby/rodney


small~long red hair


Your heritage: irish/german
The shoes you wore today: black and grey dc's
Your hair: red and long.. im happy w/ it
Your eyes: shit brown
Your perfect pizza: cheese and pineapples- thats it.


Current location: huntington
Clothes: marina p.e. pants and a light blue spagetti strap
Mood: content
Taste: orange soda
Hair: up
Annoyance: my headache

Smell : i cant smell
Thing you ought to be doing: heh... ;)
Desktop picture: tupac
Worry: actually nothing..
Shampoo: thermasilk shampoo&conditioner
Favorite celebrity: tupac.. but hes dead... so probably angelina jolie..


Movie you rented: umm feardotcom last weekend
Movie you bought: i dont but movies
Movie you saw: my big fat greek wedding
Song you listened to: something by the beatles
Song that was stuck in your head: this is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, but theyll continue singing it froever just because, this is the song that never ends, etc.
Song you've downloaded: i dled perfect-simple plan at emilys house but i dont have kazaa
CD you bought: dont even remember
CD you listened to: the beatles 1 i think
TV show you've watched: hmmmm.. read world paris


Had a nightmare: dont even remember
Said "I love you" and meant it: about an hour ago
ate at McDonald's: hmmm.. we went to mcd's last weekend but i didnt eat anything
Dyed your hair: never
Brushed your hair: emily brused it today and the guy kevins house
Washed your hair: this morning
Cried: a while ago
Called someone: at like 6.05pm
Smiled: about an hour ago
Laughed: about an hour ago
Talked to an ex: probably like two weeks ago


You touched: chris
You talked to: my dad
You hugged: chris
You yelled at: richy
You kissed: chris
Who broke your heart: lalalalalaa...
Person that called you: my sister


Your most overused phrase: 'fuck..' or 'i hate you'
Your thoughts first waking up: its 6.00 already?!
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: what they wear..and their hair


Have a boyfriend or girlfriend: yea Ü
Wish you could live somewhere else: meh.. not really- im content
Think about suicide: not seriously
Believe in online dating: hahha thats a fuck no
Want more piercings: meh.. no im good.. oh man but chris wants to get his lip pierced.. and he wants a prince albert... Ü sexxxxxxy
Want more tattoos: yea eventually..
Drink: yea
Like the taste of alcohol: if itll get me shitty Ü
Do drugs: nope
Smoke: nope
Like cleaning: umm.. well maybe if im like washin chris' back... ;)
Like roller coasters: not the upside down ones, no.
Write in cursive or print: both
Carry a donor card: ...no?
Cuss: haha yea
Take a shower everyday: yes
Want to get married: not sure yet.. i mean.. maybe.
Type with your fingers on the right keys: no
Get motion sickness: not normally
Think you're attractive: sometimes
Care about looks: about my looks? yes
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: usually
Play an instrument: no
Sleep with stuffed animals: no
Have a dream that keeps coming back: not anymore
Read the newspaper: nope
Pray: nope
Go to church: no
Have any secrets: yea
Talk to strangers who instant message you: probably..unless im busy
Wear hats: aha no
Hate yourself: not normally... but sometimes.
Have an obsession: no, dont think so.
Collect anything: lighters.. and things that arent mine..
Have a best friend: yes
Like your handwriting: sometimes
Have any bad habits: i get bitchy easy


In witches: ye.. like wickens? but not like the hocus pocus kind.
In Satan: yea
In ghosts: yeeeesmm
There is life on other planets: meh.. no, thats creepy.
In God: yes


Long distance relationships: i think that that sucks for them- i get to see my boyfriend almost everyday.. haha!
Using someone: well if its a mutual thing no ones gonna get hurt then im all for it.. as some people know..
Suicide: i think that thats cowardly
Killing people: depends on what they did. under certain circumstances, i would.
Doing drugs: depends on what drug..
Driving drunk: i dont drive but ive gotten in the car with someone who ws drunk.. dont really think too much about it, sadly.


Soap operas: guiding light i guess
Food: ice cream, chocolate, steak
Things to talk about: depends on who im talkin to
Sports: your mom
Clothes: my jeans w/ no pockets.. and.. yea..
Movies: i think freddy vs. jason was great.. and other things..
Band: tupac, but hes not a band... nfg... hmm.. yea
Holiday: christmas


Hearts I have broken: quite a few.. but ive gotten my heart broken plenty a time in return..
boys I have kissed: a little bit too many..
girls I have kissed: none
Continents I have lived in: one
People I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: um.. my sister for sure.. and some other rare people..
Scars on my body: um lots a little ones.. 5 big ones on my face..


Drink alcohol: yes
Smoke: haha at brian room w/ emily when he was fighting w/ his dad.. haha- that was great fun..
Done a drug: nope dont think so
Made out: yep
Go to the mall: yea
Been on stage: no
Been dumped: no
Gone skating: no
Made homemade cookies: not homemade, but i preheated and stuck them in the oven.. Ü
Gone skinny dipping: no :(
Dyed your hair: no
Stolen anything: haha i dont think lighters count.


Cried over a girl/boy: yea :(
Lied to someone: yea
Been in a fist fight: yea
Been arrested: not like literally with handcuffs and shit, but technically, yes.
Played a game that required removal of clothing: yea, i think..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: haha yea..
Been caught "doing something": yea
Been called a tease: ..yea
Gotten beaten up: at karate


Age you hope to be married: 24-25 if i do want to get married
Numbers and names of children: 2 girls.. mary jane (for richy) and something else cute..
What do you want to be when you grow up: CEO of big big company where i have to do absolutely nothing

ahahahahhhahaa that took me half an hour.. Ü i love chris.. so excited for homecoming...Ü! hes gonna look soooooo HOT!
Current Mood: irateirate
Current Music: emily and casablanca.. one of them is lying.....faggots.....

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September 27th, 2003

04:09 pm - mr saunji, theres been a mistake
fuck.. i <3 my boyfriend.. i finally did the unthinkable.. haha emily was right- it wasnt that bad.. his reactions were actually quite funny.. haha yea sooooo i am not sexually deprived anymore.. haha but i think chris beaker was mad cause we were in his bathroom. lol yea soo last night was cool.. i met mikey juno.. he took me home.. i miss emily :( no good, but were all officially going to homecoming.. im excited chris is getting his lip pierced tomorrow and then maybe ill see him after? im supposed to see him later on today.. so well seee.. i miss him already. oh no all my chili is gone. ooooo fuck. um yea so, i think last night was really fun. adele was there.. only bad thing... but they cooked sloppy joes and hot dogs and hamburgers.. chris beaker was acting soooooooo trashed and i think i only saw him with one beer.. wawa light weight.. haha ok well... i gotta goooooooooooo

Current Mood: violated... haha
Current Music: the kind thats in scary movies when someones about to get ki

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September 23rd, 2003

04:07 pm - cause my momma taught me better than that..
first off.. imma survivor.. im gonna make it.. imma survivor.. keep on survivin.. yea so.. haha im in a good mood. talked to chris while i was walking home Ü so sweet.. talkin to emily right now.. Ü school is goin alright which is good.. only thing is p e is gay.. but oh well.. and third period is alright now. yepppp.. so friday night brian like fucked up his daddys car and we had to wait like two and a half fuckin hours for a tow truck.. hmmm.. oh well.. and then i went to hollywood with jessica on saturday night and we stayed up all night.. and then came home all early and then my baby and brian rode their bikes down here cause there was no car.. that was soo sweet.. Ü so i think rachel might drive down here with chris and richy?? maybe maybe? hope so.. i miss him. Ü chris' dad said hed drive him down here.. how cute.. i think im gonna take my nails off because theyre getting long at irritating.. wait.. gotta let the cat in- i swear that cat is dumb.. it is like begging to me let it in and then when i open the door it walks away.. dumb bitch... Ü ahhhhhh.... i miss my boyfriend. oh well.. oh no man emily is going to go to arizona this weekend without me :( nooo good. brians going with her though so shes not alone. which is always good.. goddamn him- he said hed call me back in half an hour and guess what.. its been like an hour? goddamnit i hate waiting.. oh well what else am i here for?? well i got nothin else to say...............xoxo
Current Mood: very happy Ü
Current Music: tryin to get you to a hotel.. toot toot.. beep beep.

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September 16th, 2003

06:39 pm
ahhhhhh haha! i just love you! Ü
Current Mood: exstatic

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September 13th, 2003

11:34 pm
today is the seventh anniversary of tupacs death... :( :(
Current Mood: devestated

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11:17 pm - anything but the blatant proof was your lips touching mine in the photobooth.. thats way cute.. Ü
ÜÜ saw chris today and yesterday.. always a plus.. kinna sore from yesterday but.. hehe.. its all good.. so today i wake up at like 12 and cleaned my room.. go me! and then took a shower and shit.. got ready and got my nails done. they look so good, so good. except... the nail lady cut me.. but oh well.. and then we waited until like 6 30 and finally brian richy and chris get there. ahh.. so long to wait.. but yea, so glad i saw him.. he makes me so happy. Ü so he had richy poo pierce his lip, but richy like fucked up or something? dont really know but i hope he waits until we go to venice cause i dont want him to do it himself... so yea then they wanna go to back to newport so im like.. im goin home cause i didnt feel like putting up with all the bull shit.. im pmsing.. so in a way thats good. so yesterday richy decided to be gay.. and i was really scared that chris was gonna do it too.. but he didnt.. Ü yay for him.. i <3 him! so brian dropped me and him off at his motel cause there was nothing else to do and him and emily drove around. haha.. that part of the night was good, good. Ü

um school is well like emily puts it is 'well ummmmm well equivalent to anal sex' ... which if anybodys wondering-- its bad.. heh.. pe is gay but when is it not, and third periods not the best.. but other than that i guess its tollerable.. except i ditched 6th on friday.. but it was like friday you know? yes.. yes you do. you wouldve done it too... haha and

rj jus paged me.. wawawa. i didnt call him back though.. dont really want to. i have chris-- i dont need him.. Ü well im tired tired tired so..... good night

Current Mood: cramping and pms-ing
Current Music: hummmmmm hummmmmm hummmmmmm your mothers screams of pleasure

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September 7th, 2003

10:01 pm - jeeze.. okay
okay so.. live journal remodeled.. thats always nice. soo i just got back from the river.. fun fun fun shit man, except emily got me sick.. but its all good. my boyfriend is officially the sweetest guy ever. Ü hehe anywhoooo... so yea.. were driving up to the river on thursday night and there was this HUGE lightning storm.. and they had like a radio emergency announcement or whatever.. scary shit man, and brian richy and chris were following us..no good man.. and then the flash floods came. no good at all. so we finally get to the trailor and so were jus chillin and chris is giving me massages and shit. such a sweet kid.. Ü so the next day its all cleared up and like 100 degrees and we went hot doging and intertubing and brian and richy did they knee board and jan water ski-ed. and then chris paid for me to go parasailing.. but marty like paid for half of it and chris really didnt want him to.. but its all good. that was soo much fun.. and then we drove over the dam and the london bridge.. and the next day brian chris and richy rented a jet ski so me emily jan and marty rode around in the boat.. and we ate and stuff.. fun fun. my baby cut his foot when brian ran into the cove. lol. and we were on the lake that day and chris jumped off the really high part.. heh.. then at night me and chris -------.. hahha and then chris and richy were like mad at eachother? i dont know how that happened.. but whatever.. its all good.. and then me and chris just cuddled.. awwww i <3 him! Ü so yea.. we had lunch at the casino and yea.. so we left and all was well.. then we drove home and brian doesnt have AC in his truck so they drove for like 5 hours in the 110degree heat.. jesus.. sucks for then.. and i got a fever and muscle aches.. but i think ill be alright.. OHH NOOOO school tomorrow.. and i guess chris is gonna try to gt his permit again.. good luck...

Wanna Play House? You be the screen door and I'll slam you all night long..
i wish you were a Pony Carousel outside Walmart, so I could ride you all day long for a quarter..
If you're going to regret this in the morning, we can sleep until the afternoon.

haha someone just said that to me.. oh no.. so yea school bright and early tomorrow... ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo i hate it. oh well.. umm yea man.. i got a cell fone (unfortuneatly) haha so yea.. but i still have my pager so.. yea, page me!

Current Mood: illloveyoutillthecowscomehome
Current Music: look at this gargangtuous zit on my back.. i know i saw it..

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September 3rd, 2003

06:01 pm - freddy vs. jason-- go see it..
one, two
freddy's comin for you
three, four
better lock your door
five, six
get your crucifix
seven, eight
better stay up late
nine, ten
never sleep again

great song..

i <3 chris Ü
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: knockin me out with those american thighs...

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12:59 am - <3 chris <3
You Are Lust
You are Lust.

Every part of you screams "Do me now!"
You exude sexuality and while others sometimes
view you as a slut, you see yourself as only
giving into your base desires.

What Emotion Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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