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ah.. bored - dude you missed the beaver

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December 30th, 2003

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11:28 pm - ah.. bored
[name] Jennifer Michele Kirchen
[nicknames] jen. jenni.
[home] HB
[eye color] brown
[hair] red
[bf/gf] chris<3
[school colors] navy blue white and gold i think
[mascot] viking
[clothing style] what?
[pets] baxter, abby, shadow(cats), rodney(dog)
[label] fuckme
[movie] shallow hal.. 2 weeks notice.. first wives club.. fuck.. a lot
[color crayon] blue
[kind of pens] black? wtf..
[flowers] carnations.. yellow ones

[cereal] frosted mini wheats
[candies] almond joy
[ice cream flavor] rocky road
[skittle flavor] yellow
[color m & m] fuck i dont know
[pizza topping] cheese and pineapple
[hangout] chris's room
[saying] damn
[quote] what the fuck man?
[teacher] mrs. pizzorno
[day] friday
[month] june
[season] summer
[number] 42
[holidays] christmas
[shoes] my new dvs shoes.
[makeup] eyeliner. mascara.. lip gloss.. maybe some cg
[store] fuck.. silouette?
[fast food place] uhh.. kinna over fast food
[restuarants] steak places
[car] corvette..
[rugrats character] the fuckin dog
[daria character] daria?
[simpsons character] fuck the simpsons
[teletubby] the one that looks like ms. gaeta
[radio station] kiis. power. the beat
[font] this one is fine for me
[person to talk to online] i dont know.. devi
[band] goo goo dolls
[t.v. show] csi.. two and a half men
[subject] enlish
[food] steaki
[color] blue
[boxers or briefs?] boxers
[plaid or striped?] striped
[scream or scream2 or scream3?] all of them
[urban legend or the faculty?] urban legends
[salt or pepper?] salt
[rare, medium, or welldone?] well done
[m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond?] almond.. but almond ones are rare
[hershey's-hugs or kisses] hugs
[chocolate or vanilla?] chocolate
[bleh or blah?] blah
[okay, ok, or o.k.?] ok or maybe okay
[shake or stir?] shake
[bright colors or dark colors?] dark
[beavis and butthead, king of the hill, or daria?] king of the hill
[big red, juicy fruit, or doublemint?] doublemint i guess
[sunshine or rain?] sunshine
[rain or snow?] rain.. fuck snow
[silver or gold?] depends
[skaters or jocks?] skaters
[preps or freaks?] freaks?? wtf??
[cds or cassettes?] cds
[shampoo+conditioner in one or separate?] seperate.. therma silk works good
[Leonardo Dicaprio] titanic
[hanson] ha
[calvin klein] yum
[pamela anderson lee] blonde
[winnie the Pooh] and tigger too
[the whole clinton-lewinsky thing] blue dress
[supermodels] tall than me
[clowns] the gay one that jeremy gave me
[are you left handed or right handed?] left.
[are you smart?] yesm
[whats your middle name?] michele.. with one 'l'
[how many personalities do you have?] two.. imma gemini
[how many piercings do you have?] two one my ears.. one on my face.. lip kinna sorta
[are you superstitious?] not really.. it bugs me when people knock on wood..
[do you read your horoscope?] yea
[what languages do you know?] english.. learning french
[do you like cotton candy?] yea
[what instruments can you play?] none
[what words do you overuse?] fuck.. damn.. shit
[how many pillows do you have?] lets count.. 6
[do you like to dance?] yea
[do you like to sing?] when im alone
[how many cds do you have?] dont know
[do you like to talk on the phone?] yea when i cant be in person
[how many times have you moved houses?] one
[what do you think of chain letters?] delete button
[do you like where you live?] yea
[is your room messy?] not right now
[do you like your writing?] sometimes
[do you like to fingerpaint?] no
[do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] does a cat count? shes alive
[do you sleep with socks on?] fuck no
[are you ticklish?] yea
[are you shy?] yesm
[do you talk to yourself?] no not really.. maybe in my sleep.. not sure though
[is your house 1, 2, or 3 stories?] one
[do you have a basement or an attic?] attic
[do you go to preschool?] yea
[are you a morning person?] no.. fuck no.
[who has the sexiest voice in the world?] chris
[who has the most annoying voice in the world?] your fuckin mom when she screams
[do you believe in God?] i guess
[do you believe in aliens?] no
[do you believe in ghosts?] yea
[do you believe in bigfoot?] haha
[do you believe in the loch ness monster?] well, shit.
[whats your favorite feature (on yourself)?] my hair?
[what do you do when you're nervous?] i shit.. all over the fuckin place, man.
[whos your role model?] my sis/mom..
[what celebrities do you look like?] avril lavigne i guess
[what celebrities do you act like?] no one
[son?] huh?
[daughter?] no i dont have any
[have you ever thought you were gonna die?] yea.. all the time
[wheres the farthest place you ever traveled?] alabama
[where do you wanna go?] new york
[would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?] burn.. i think its faster
[can money buy happiness?] no, but it can buy you the best fuckin male prostitute around Ü
[do you think guys or girls have it easier?] girlies.. at least the pretty ones
[would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?] how many crickets were in the bowl?
[if you had a band what would you name it?] the assholes

[what do you wanna be when you grow up?] i dont know
[gonna go to college?] i guess i must.. or maybe ill just marry rich... pull an anna nicole smith.. haha
[where do you want to live?] where ever my husband/ family is.. you know
[who do you love?] family..sister..chris..friends
[who do you hate?] no one i guess.. i got over that
[if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it?] the same fuckin color it is right now.. if you could do that
[if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?] a unicorn.. with a fairy.. on the back of my neck..
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: christina

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